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Data Originator
Title: Collection of original mylar AOF series maps published by DGGS. Files include selected sheets from AOF 109 through AOF 179.
Authors: DGGS Staff
Years: 1977 - 1982
Project: 1-Unknown
Data Source
Contact/Organization: Montayne, Simone, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
3354 College Road, Fairbanks, AK, 99709-3707, USA
Reference Information
Repository Storage Location: DGGS, technical library
Catalog Number: 34484
Estimated Size and Item Units: one map tube
Media Types: Mylar
Access Type: public
Dataset Information
Description: Scanned copies of these sheets are available on the DGGS website. However, these files were set aside because the scanned image is difficult to decipher due to the condition and image quality limitations of the original file. Providing a fully legible image would require significant restoration of the original or editing of the scanned image.
Compilation Information
Compiler/Organization: DGGS
3354 College Road, Fairbanks, AK, 99709, USA
Review Date: 3/6/15
Geographic Location
Quadrangle: Alaska Statewide
Bounding Box (upper left):
Bounding Box (lower right):
Geographic Center of Dataset:
Area of Dataset:
Estimated Location Accuracy:
Datum: NAD27
Place Names:
Mining District: