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Sample Number 2291
Project Land Selection 1991

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Reference Number V91-20092.0
Reference Date 1991-07-08
Citation PDF 93-16A
Laboratory Bondar-Clegg
Laboratory Number 920104
Description 90 samples were prepped by dry sieve -150 mesh, crush and split, ceramic pulverizing and large vial surcharge. 90 samples were analyzed by the following methods and digestions: INAA, ICP after HF-HNO3-HClO4 acid digestion with HCl leach, AA after HNO3-HCl hot extraction. 1 sample was analyzed for DC Plasma Emission after fire assay. 52 samples were analyzed for Specific Ion after Na2CO3-KNO3-fusion. Elevated detection limits are due to high levels of Th and U.
Sample Type rock