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Sample Number SS27613
Project Alaska strategic and critical minerals assessment project

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Reference Number FA12138953
Reference Date 2012-12-01
Citation RDF 2014-11
Laboratory ALS Minerals
Description Historic geochemical samples from the DGGS, U.S. Geological Survey, and U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) archives were re-analyzed by DGGS using modern, quantitative, geochemical-analytical methods. Sample pulps were retrieved, examined, and split by DGGS staff into aliquots needed for the analyses. Splits of pulps were submitted to ALS Minerals Laboratories (ALS) for analysis. Where pulps were unavailable, coarse-reject material was prepped by ALS using the following method: coarse-reject samples were pulverized at ALS using flying disk or ring and puck style, low chrome, steel grinding mills. A sample split or total sample up to 250 g is pulverized, with 85 percent of the resulting material passing through a screen of 75 microns. Method PGM-ICP23: Pt, Pd, Au, 30-gram, FA-ICP-AES; Method: ME-MS81 38-element, fusion, ICP-MS; Method: ME-ICP61 33-element, 4-acid, ICP-AES.
Sample Type rock

Reference Number OFR036-91-1
Citation OFR 36-91
Laboratory Unknown
Description Sample preparation was not documented. Samples were analyzed for major oxide concentrations using unknown analysis methods.
Sample Type rock