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Reference Number OFR 87-284
Citation OF 87-284
Laboratory Unknown
Description Rock samples were collected at 483 sites in the White Mountains Recreation Area from outcrops in the vicinity of the sampling station. Unaltered, and if present, altered/mineralized rock chips were collected. Chips were crushed, then pulverized to minus 0.15mm (approx. minus -100 mesh) using ceramic plates. Samples were analyzed for a suite of 31 elements (trace and major oxide) using semi-quantitative direct-current arc semiquantitative specrography. Results were determined from visual compairison of spectra from sample compared to standard spectra for known pure oxides/carbonates. Concentrates are presented at geometric intervals (10, 20, 50, 100) with midpoint values (15, 30, 70) presented if warranted. Precision is plus or minus 1 reporting interval at 83% confidence, and plus or minus 2 reporting intervals at 96% confidence. Samples were analyzed for As, Bi, Cd, Sb, and Zn using atomic absorption techniques. Samples containing at least 20ppm As, 2ppm Bi, or 4ppm Sb were analyzed for Au using atomic absorption.
Sample Type rock