This interactive map displays locations and relative activity of Alaska’s Quaternary faults and folds. Display MP 141 and MP 150 (pre-Quaternary) overlays together for the most accurate view. The map offers zoom and scroll options, and multiple base map layers. Click individual fault and fold traces to view basic fault parameters: name, age, slip rate, slip sense, dip direction, mapping certainty, and mapped scale. We digitized fault and fold traces from original paper maps, which limits location accuracy of structures. While digital data can be displayed precisely at any scale, data accuracy remains constant. Although the user may increase the displayed scale, uncertainties and errors in fault location remain tied to original map scale. Users must recognize these limitations when zooming in farther than the stated mapped scale for a given feature and treat resulting visual representations with appropriate caveats.

For full citation information and metadata, go to: http://www.dggs.alaska.gov/pubs/id/24956