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Elevation Datasets in Alaska
Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
State of Alaska > Natural Resources > Geological & Geophysical Surveys > Maps > Elevation Datasets in Alaska

Over 84,312 square miles of elevation data (and over 163,378,777,842 points) available!

This interactive map was designed to view known public-domain elevation datasets (LiDAR and InSAR) in Alaska. The map offers zoom and scroll options, and multiple base map layers. We provide an easy point and click interface to download the digital data. Explanation of icons on this page:

Information Tool: Single click to get information about a survey area.
Area of Interest Tool: Use this tool to define an area and download compressed point cloud data.
Full screen mode: Toggles map using entire browser window.

For more download options, full citation information, WMS feed information, and metadata, go to:

Please Note: The LAS files included in downloaded items have been compressed using LASzip. LASzip is an open-source, lossless compression for LiDAR point-cloud data in the LAS format that provides significant file size reductions. To uncompressed the .laz files in your download package, you can download the latest version from or download the tool (for Windows) directly: laszip.exe

DGGS is currently loading data and creating hillshades for the following areas:

  • Western Kenai Peninsula
  • Coastal Coverage of the North Slope, from Demarcation Point to Wainwright
  • Various areas around Cordova and McCarthy
  • Smaller areas from NOAA
  • More information on InSAR coming soon