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Elevation Datasets in Alaska
Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
State of Alaska > Natural Resources > Geological & Geophysical Surveys > Maps > Elevation Datasets in Alaska

Over 289,882 square miles of elevation data (and over 168,538,519,723 points) available!

This interactive map was designed to view and download known public-domain elevation datasets (LiDAR and InSAR) in Alaska.

Information Tool: Single click to get information about a survey area.
Area of Interest Tool: Use this tool to define an area and download available elevation data.
Full screen mode: Toggles map using entire browser window.
Areas outlined in red contain LiDAR data.
Areas outlined in purple contain InSAR data. (We are adding InSAR data as we finish processing.)

Metadata information will be packaged with your download in a README.TXT file.
Please contact Ken Woods for more information.

Throughout 2015, DGGS will be making digital elevation model (DEM) products available as they are generated.
DGGS would like to express our thanks to the organizations that supplied data for this application.